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Social Media Director Job Description

social media director job description template

Following on from my blog post about defining Online Community and Social Media job descriptions, here is a generic Social Media Director job description template.

These job description templates are written with the assumption of a hierarchy of Manager, Head of Department, Director. If the role manages a team or includes strategic or budgetary control, responsibilities can be taken from each level job description to create a hybrid. I am also keen to split up Community Management and Social Media Management, which in my mind are two different types of roles. I have deliberately left out years of experience from the “Requirements” section as this is down to personal preference.

Social Media Director

Job Specification

The Social Media Director is responsible for overseeing the Company’s Social Media Strategy and Social Media team across all internal brands and platforms . This role coordinates with the internal PR, Editorial, Marketing, Legal and Production Directors and Board Members to support the Company’s mission. The position involves ensuring our social boradcasting is fully integrated with all other efforts across the Company’s portfolio, as well as managing the Central Social Media budget.


  • Create the social media strategy, coordinating with stakeholders across the Company to ensure its effectiveness and ensure the adoption of relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture and into all of the company’s products and services
  • Own the roadmap budget for the social media tools in use on the Company’s sites, directing social media tool integration
  • Recruit and oversee the Social Media Team, ensuring a superior quality of communication and project delivery is provided at all times
  • Coordinate the planning of social media campaigns, ensuring customer acquisition and supporting monetization across the company’s portfolio
  • Source and manage relationships with social monitoring and platform partners to support and develop commercial opportunities
  • Act as the advocate of social media integration within the Company, influencing overall site and business strategies
  • Provide benchmarks and analyse data provided by the Social Media Team, to inform company-wide decision-making and commercial campaign targets are met
  • Monitor and comment on trends in social media trends and application, acting as company spokesperson within the Social Media industry
  • Monitor the competition and be aware of market changes and developments


  • Creative, diplomatic, cool under pressure and fantastic interpersonal and presenting skills
  • Strong project management and organisational skills
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of social media and networking platforms and monitoring suite suppliers
  • Deep knowledge of the Company’s industry and great contact book
  • Experience of business and strategy development
  • Ability to build and leverage a strong network of peers and partners
  • P&L experience

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So there you have it – a generic entry level Social Media Director job description template. What do you think? Is there anything else you think is missing?

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  • janetgershensiegel

    I hold a job like this (albeit at the Director level) and, for me, it's also a bit about sales, but that's the nature of the company where I'm working. Otherwise, it's very similar.

  • jam4hire1

    I swear to God, these job descriptions in Greek! Okay I writer and produce TV promos. I sit and watch the show, pull the most exciting clips, write copy to make it into a story line, then work with the editor in cutting together a promo with great music and graphics. Pretty clear. I read this job description above, and I can’t see one concrete, one clear, one plainly defined skill set. I write copy, produce and edit TV promos – how about you? Well I uh…”Source and manage relationships with social monitoring and platform partners to support and develop commercial opportunities”. What in the hell is that?

  • jam4hire1

    Can someone translate what a single one of these requirements mean in plain English? Sounds like a lot of people are being overpaid and under qualified to do a pretty vague job. What the hell does “source and manage relationships with social monitoring and platform partners to support and develop commercial opportunities” mean? I write copy and produce TV promos. That means I watch the show, pull the best clips and write copy to make it into a story. Then I sit at an editing system and cut the shots together to great music and graphics to make it into a commercial. Pretty clear and straightforward.