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My top 10 most popular Community Management articles of 2011

What a great year 2011 has been for Community Management. The number of training courses is multiplying, and the role is being increasingly recognised as vital by more and more companies.

I particularly want to thank those of you who encouraged me to finish the 60 Insights eBook, and everyone who has kindly shared my articles on the social networks you use; I really appreciate it.

Here are the 10 most popular articles in 2011 from this blog:

1. Online Community and Social Media Job Descriptions

Job description templates for roles such as Community Manager and Social Media Manager.

2. How to create an editorial calendar to propel your community to new heights

How to go about creating a social media community editorial calendar to ensure your online community reaches new heights

3. 10 Questions to ask when interviewing a potential Community Manager

It’s one thing crafting the perfect job description for your new community manager. But once you’ve found a few prospective candidates, how do you make sure you don’t end up hiring the wrong person? Here are some questions worth asking during the interview.

4. 16 causes of conflict in an online community

When things go wrong in an online community, the first step of understanding how to deal with this conflict is to identify the cause. Here are 16 potential reasons

5. 60 Insights from Experienced Community Managers eBook

Download 60 insights from Experienced Community Managers, including Connie Bensen, Laurel Papworth, Richard Millington, Tamar Weinberg & more.

6. 10 tips on finding that Community Manager job you want

You heard a rumour you could get paid building and managing online communities. You’ve read all about how to build trust, know what the job entails, and are positive you’re cut out for it. But you’ve hit a wall – where can you find these fabled Community Manager jobs?

7. Moderate your Facebook page or risk damaging your brand – NSFW

How Ferrero Rocher have had their Facebook page hijacked, and why you need to have a user content moderation strategy in place to protect your brand in social media.

8. What’s the difference between a Online Community Manager and a Social Media Manager?

Is there room in an organisation for both a community manager and a social media manager, or are the roles too similar? We cover the difference between both sets or responsibility and focus.

9. How to write a Mission Statement for your Online Community

How to write your online community’s mission statement, what it should include, and a few examples.

10. The benefits of an editorial calendar to keep your community on track

Why using an editorial calendar to schedule events and content for your community is a great way to keep it growing.

I hope 2012 brings you all the success you wish for!

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