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Online Community Management Links Roundup 3/02/12

Round Up

Here is the roundup of links relating to Online Communities I saved or retweeted for the period ending 3rd of February 2012. Enjoy!

10 Tips for Building a Strong Online Community Around Your Startup

 Getting Results From Crowds

What Makes a Great Online Community Manager?

101 Online Community & Social Business Trends to Watch in 2012

Information builds communities » Make Yourself Useful

Why Stories Sell: Transportation Leads to Persuasion

How Brands Can Manage Facebook Comment Overload

Pseudonyms drive community

Online community engagement: Transparency vs. Anonymity

Community Management: More Than One Role, a Discipline

Are you who you say you are?

10 Attributes of a Fantastic Community Manager

Why Niche Social Profiles Are a Huge Opportunity for Community Managers

Forum Software Timeline 1994 – 2012

Interview with Community Manager: Lizzie Gold from The Social Practice

Snickers, Twitter, And The Problem Of Compliance

How useful is an entrepreneurial approach to building online communities?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pinterest for Brands (but were afraid to ask)

Pinterest II: Optimizing Content For Pinterest

Good Online Community Management is Censorship

Is fear of Facebook manipulating offline interaction too?

Communities – Planning For Internal Growth

The Huge ROI Of Small, Exclusive, B2B Communities

The Cupcake Conundrum [VIDEO]

Why Personality Matters as a Community Manager

Communities are Bullsh*t

How To Build An Online Community: The Ultimate List Of Resources (2012)

Outsourcing Community Management

Pinterest Part III: Participating on Pinterest as a Brand Curator

Pinterest Part IV: Making the Most of Pinterest – Tips and Tricks

Community fun and games: Why gamification’s important

Does your company inspire trust? How Online Communities can help!

The Startup Community Manager

#CmgrChat – 1/11/12 – The Role of the Community Manager

How should Facebook Page Admins deal with Flame Wars?

Did you find any other great article about Community Management this week that I missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the next roundup.

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    Great job you are doing there Blaise! Thanks a lot!

    Some ideas are just repeating themselves though…