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Online Community Management Links Roundup 29/07/11

Round Up

Here is the roundup of links relating to Online Communities I saved on delicious.com or retweeted for the week ending 29th of July 2011. Enjoy!

Community Managers Deserve Vacation Too

The Broader Role Of Moderators In Online Communities

Online Communities Are More Than Just Websites… But, They Are Still Websites

How Do You Get Your Audience To Interact?

Six Tips for an Effective Online Community

26 Tips for Using Images to Engage Fans and Followers

The art of community management

SM Managers vs. Community Managers. Fight!

Community Management – Handling Yourself as a Good Netizen

Mature Vs. Immature Social Media Efforts

Community Manager Tips: 7 Ways a Platform Can Save Sanity

Is Your Community Manager a Customer Service Agent? Why (and How) They Should Be

Monday Video: What is (A) Community?

Five things Disneyland taught me about community management

Celebrating Staff Tenure on Your Community

Selective Moderation – Tales from My Community Manager Letterbox

You may not actually be a Community Manager – and that’s ok

Master Engagement Before Growth

If your website’s full of assholes, it’s your fault

10 Commandments for Community Managers

5 Key Elements of a Great Online Community Content Plan

Community Management – How to be a Terrible Netizen

The @ Reply: Why Engagement Is Crucial

Google+ for Community Managers

Posting on another member’s behalf

The #1 Reason Your Customers Hate You on Facebook

Common Branded Community Mistakes (Example)

If letters can be evidence so can Facebook posts, says expert

The Real Power of Community (or “Celebrities ‘Deserve’ Their Followers”)

The Message of CLS 11: Community Managers, It’s Time to Take Charge

Blocking comments on Facebook: is it ever acceptable?

Digital Love: Understanding How to Respond & Build Relationships

5 Ways That Online Communities Keep Donors Engaged

Did you find any other great article about Community Management this week that I missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the next roundup.

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