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Online Community Management Links Roundup 2/09/11

Round Up

Here is the roundup of links relating to Online Communities I saved on delicious.com or retweeted for the week ending 2nd of September 2011. Enjoy!

Managing People, Managing Time

What makes a community successful?

Accepting The Group Identity

Leaving People Well – A Community Strategy That Pays

4 Must-Read Customer Community Books for Social Business Pros

Advice for building engagement through newsroom Twitter accounts

Social media and community management now getting somewhere

14 Best Practices for Brands to Grow their Audiences in Social Media

6 Reasons NOT to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Google+ Brand Accounts: What Social Media Managers Want to See

Death of the Moderator

7 SxSW Community Panels to Check Out

Happy Calendar: a glance at our editorial process

How to Make Changes to Your Community (without the Backlash)

Is Technology Ruining Online Community?

Community Management Smackdown: To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

Leading a professional, vendor-backed open-source community – part 1

Part 2 of Leading a professional, vendor-backed open-source community

Products and The Strong Common Interest

Online defamation court cases on the rise

Why Associations Avoid Building Their Member Community in LinkedIn Groups

7 Tips for Dealing With Upset Facebook Fans

Communities of Practice for Public Service, has it really made a difference?

Managing Online Social Predators and Bullies

7/20 #Cmgrchat: Community Meetups

Facebook ‘Fans’ are NOT the same thing as Brand Advocates

Did you find any other great article about Community Management this week that I missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the next roundup.

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