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Online Community Management Links Roundup 18/02/11

Round Up

Here is the roundup of links relating to Online Communities I saved on delicious.com or retweeted for the week ending 18th of February 2011. Enjoy!

6 reasons to craft a strong Mission Statement for your online community

Why Thinking Locally Beats Acting Globally


Newspaper’s use of Twitter posts was legitimate, rules watchdog

The Power of Facebook plugins, and other social sharing tools

Community Management is Common Sense

5 Risks of Having A Community Without Management

New guidelines to improve child internet safety

Uprisings and Communities

Little Gossip – when UGC turns ugly

The Facebook Pages redesign – what’s changed and what does it mean?

What does an online community facilitator actually do?

It’s time for community forums to grow up

Interview with Matthew Eltringham – BBC UGC Hub Past, Present and Future

With new Facebook fan pages, rules of engagement are more relevant than ever

Klout for community managers

Trolls Are Inevitable; Here’s How to Deal With Them

Community Members Share a Common Interest Not Necessarily a Common Purpose

Mixx.com’s Sale Can Teach Brands About Community Management

Why I am a Community Engagement Manager, and not just a Social Media Manager

Love Through the Eyes of a Community Manager

A Hierarchy Of Community Interactions

Segmenting Your Community Members

5 ways to encourage online engagement

The Wisdom in Community Management

How to Create Your Own Social Networking Community

Brands: if you love your community, set it free

Be There for Your Community

Combating the inevitable service issue: Building an army of advocates, or at least positive posters

Klout as a Tool for Community Managers: Why I Don’t Buy it

So you want to be a Community Manager?

7 Ideas to Engage Lurkers in Community

What Does the Forum Admin/Administrator of the Forum I Love Actually Do? (a Guide for Forum Users)

A Definitive Community Manager Job Description

Always Get A Commitment First

How Far Is Too Far With Trolls?

71 Top Online Customer Communities: The Big List

Changes to the Vetting and Barring Scheme in the Protection of Freedoms Bill

Lurkers: Your most important Community Members

Burned Out? Rise From the Ashes

Want A Successful Community? Don’t Be A Social Media Manager

Did you find any other great article about Community Management this week that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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