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Online Community Management Links Roundup 06/05/11

Round Up

Here is the roundup of links relating to Online Communities I saved on delicious.com or retweeted for the week ending 6th of May 2011. Enjoy!

The Risks of Having a Community Without Management

Conversations with Community Managers: Shannon Paul (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan)

When a Con Artist Comes Calling: Online Community

Audience Analysis In Online Communities

True community must be earned

Community Engagement Planning in 3 Steps at Creating the Future!

Gathering stories and measuring the impact of a online community

Communities – Support Your Volunteers

Conflict or Crisis? The Community Manager’s Dilemma Decoder Ring

Courage, Compassion & Connection – The 3 C’s of Community

The 13 hats of an internal community manager

Community Managers: What They Do, Why You Need Them

Five Key Elements of Community Management & Crowdsourcing

Building an Engaging Community

Community Easter Egg Hunt

Your Community is Under Attack

Interview: Brian from Mario Marathon Discusses Gaming for Charity and How to Grow an Audience

Facebook Most Satisfies SMBs

The New Social Media Minimum Is Participation

Communities – Users Are Social By Nature

How to promote your new online community; 10 ideas

Building Employee Communities

8 ways to deal with negative comments in online communities

Do your Online Community / Social Media initiatives need a living trust?

Making Community Changes Without Pain

The Fallacy of the Organic Community

5 Things to Remember About Calls to Action

übercommunity model

Cover Your Assets: How To Prepare For Social Community Meltdowns

More from the State of Community Management report

The 5 Qualities of Highly Effective Community Managers

Facebook Followers are Earned… Not Traded

The Community Manager’s fortune

Calling all brands: stop counting Facebook “likes” and build deeper engagement instead

Why You Should Find It Impossible To Launch A Community Ghost Town

Assorted highlights from CR’s 2011 State of Community Management

13 Signs You’re Not Cut Out To Be A Community Manager

What Makes A Successful Community Manager?

Conversations with Community Managers: Lauren Vargas (Radian6)

4/13 – Building Community: Facebook #cmgrchat

Building Employee Communities Questions

Communities – Have You Got A Handover Strategy?

Conversations with Community Managers: Jay Batson (Acquia)

What is the Value of a Tweet or Facebook Fan?

Facebook Community Triage: Do’s & Do Not Do’s

How To Get Influential People Participating In Your Community

Your Bouncer Needs to Have a Brain (or “The First Line of Defense is Just as Important as the Last”)

Join Us in the Community BackChannel

You Gotta Feed The Dog

How To Convert More Newcomers Into Regulars

Where Facebook Moderation Filters Fail

Communities – Quiz Your Users Frequently

The truth about community management & working 24/7

A Day In The Life Of A B2B Online Community Manager

Did you find any other great article about Community Management this week that I missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the next roundup.

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