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Online Community Links Roundup 30/04/10

Round Up

Here is the roundup of links relating to Online Communities I saved on delicious.com or retweeted for the week ending 30th of April 2010. Enjoy!

8 ways to build trust in your Social Media or Branded Online Community

Your Community Manager is not a glorified marketeer: Value trust

How to increase your Twitter followers and referrals over 50% by running a giveaway

What To Look For When You Hire A Community Manager

The Three Headed Digital Business – The Corporate Website, The Online Community and The Social Networks

Cyberbullying and blogs – a case study Mumbrella

Your Online Community’s Birthday

Five ways to engage your online community

Newspaper comments: Forget anonymity! The problem is community management

In Depth: How the web is improving the lives of disabled computer users

Talking Brands and Their Communities with Melonie Gallegos

The Community Manager Toolkit by Suzanne Marlatt (@applegirl)

How to hire a great community manager

Why your startup needs a Community Manager

Best Practices in online community management

10 Fresh Tips for Community Managers

Four Reasons Why Enterprise 2.0 Communities Fail

Creating online communities: alternatives to Ning

Who Do You Need At The Beginning?

It’s Easier to Ask Forgiveness than it is to Get Permission? Not on Forums

Helping your community manager to make money through influencers

Writing Your Own Job Description

Conversations with Community Managers (Episode #4) – Rachel Happe, TheCR

Listening is Paramount and The 4 Elements of a Good Listening Organization

The Dividing Line On Inflammatory Comments

8 Overlooked Elements Every Online Community Should Have

The Two Questions I Always Ask Remotely Hosted Forum Solutions

The importance of honest negotiation in online community building

The Branded Online Community Approach (and why it fails)

The Efficient Community Hypothesis

Catering To Your Hardcore Members

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