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15 March 2010 ~ 4 Comments

If your online community is in trouble, turn to grass for the answer

No, I’m not advocating drug use. When your community isn’t performing as you expect or is slowly falling into inactivity, it can be a dispiriting and depressing experience, especially when there aren’t any obvious signs of why it is failing. The answer to your community’s problems lies within the building block for a beautiful garden; [...]

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25 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

7 common traits of cults that you need to implement to manage a successful online community

Cults have always been a bit of an obsession of mine, so much so that I spent a year studying the workings of one from the inside a few years ago. Whilst many of their recruitment, assimilation and retention techniques are steeped in mind-control and mental abuse, the core psychological principles are similar to good [...]

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